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Orient Tech motor vehicle service center

We are doctors for your tire and battery as we carry out a series of procedures to determine the health of your tire and battery. We also set a time interval for inspection after your vehicle has traveled a certain distance.
Maintenance tasks commonly carried out in our out let include:

Wheel Alignment

After running your vehicle for quite a long time, it is more likely that your wheels may be knocked out of alignment. This not only causes your car to steer to one side, but it also causes unnecessary wear to parts of your tires.
We therefore recommend taking advantage of our modern wheel alignment equipment to ensure your car is running as straight and as smoothly as possible.

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Wheel Balancing

Tires are balanced by two methods: static balancers and dynamic balancers. Tires with high unbalance forces are downgraded or rejected.
When tires are fitted to wheels at our outlet they are measured again on a balancing machine and correction weights are applied to counteract the combined effect of the tire and wheel unbalance. After sale, tires may be rebalanced if driver perceives excessive vibration free of cost.

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Battery Servicing

Automotive batteries have a finite life span. Undercharging, overcharging and heat all team up to degrade your battery. Poor electrical connections make it more difficult for even a good battery to do its job.
Avoid an expensive service or tow charge (and the worry of being stranded!) by keeping your car battery working at peak performance. We assure you a 1 year warranty replacement in case your battery fails due to manufacturing fault.

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