About Us

Orienttech W.L.L. is a well established and fast growing trading companies in the country of Qatar and Bahrain. Our line of business involves wholesale and Retail supply of Automotive spares, Racking and Shelving products.

Ensuring exceptional product and market knowledge the company excels in delivering objectives of customer satisfaction to the highest esteem.

Orienttech W.L.L. represents an extensive range of major international brands and products each supported with dedicated sales team.

We are a team of professionals licensed, experienced and motivated to responsible and truthful performance. We as a team will be able to assist you in every facet of your task. Affordable cost and value for money products qualify our products and Services.

Our Chairman’s Vision

Since the inception in 1983 Mr. Mohsen Abdulla H J Al Hadad started venture in Qatar and the company has gradually expanded its operations into many other segments from Logistic to transportation, supply of Building material, Rent a car and so many other. With a vision to diversify the business model a new company was formed in the year 2013.
Orienttech WLL. With a multi disciplinary portfolio of business activities our corporate strategy evolved to introduce niche products and services. This vision allows us to reach economies of scale that shall essentially lower our unit cost and help us to compete effectively in the market place. Further we are committed to foster long-term relationships, strategic alliances, joint ventures and other associations with a network of reputable suppliers and principals.

Goals and Objectives

  • Orienttech W.L.L. aims at making an effective contribution to the economic development in Qatar and the quality of life of Qatari nationals and the expatriate community at large.
  • We are committed to a business plan to enter into strategic alliance,franchises,agency representations and other associations that shall help diversify the company’s portfolio, synergize its operations, maximize efficiencies and maintain highest quality standards.

Our Team